the pianista knits and crochets

Friday, March 31, 2006

knits for sale

the first bag is my original "big bag". i added a hello kitty cell phone holder!
the second is another big bag before felting that i sold.
(big bags $60)

another "big bag" and a variation of the "big bag" with a drawstring! (drawstring variation: $70)

variations of the "big bag": the "medium bag"! :) which surprisingly takes more work than the big bag. (i sell these for $50)

my varition of "the happer hooker" crocheted scarf! (made with merino wool; i sell for $40)

my granny square motiff crocheted bag. (i sell for $100)

if you are interested in purchasing any of the items above please let me know. also let me know the colors that you would like and i can see if the place i order yarn from has those colors!

also: i only accept paypal payments first since i have to order the yarn in the color that you would like. and since i am the only one making these bags it's first come first served. the "big bags" usually take me 3 weeks to make; "medium bags" take 3 weeks also; crocheted scarf takes me 1 week, the granny square motiff bag takes me 3 weeks.

please leave a comment if you have more questions!